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We at Markup Designs Pvt Ltd are one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in India. With our significant business growth in Delhi NCR and all over the country, we are moving beyond the borders. We have a large number of satisfied clients and their satisfaction has boosted our confidence. Now we are all set to hit overseas markets with our services.

We provide noteworthy results to scale up the growth chart of our clients. We have a team of experts who, before taking any action, deeply analysis the pros and cons of internet marketing methods to the diverse sectors. After understanding the scenario completely.

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Salman Khan


With more than 10 years of experience as a business development professional, Salman Khan now works as Business Director at Markup Designs, where he oversees the corporate sales, project management, and account management as well as distributed teams having 100+ professionals who power it. Prior to joining Markup Designs, Mr. Salman led the sales team at different reputed digital marketing companies, focusing on business incubation. Markup Designs was a group of 50 professionals when Salman Khan joined the company. But within 1.5 years, he expanded the team strength to 100 expert professionals.

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