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Staff Augmentation

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Ensuring Excellence Through Staff Augmentation

Want to build up a team to keep up with the ongoing assignments? And you don’t want to get into the time-consuming recruitment process—Markup Designs helps you employ pre-qualified professionals for your specific requirements. It is challenging to find out experts in the age of high competition. Therefore you need to hire a service provider who can help you fill on your team easily and fast. Partner with us and get access to a number of pre-qualified candidates.

Fill Your Team with Perfect Candidates

The requirement for skilled candidates and other specialists is increasing more quickly than the supply, and several organizations find it challenging to put the right talent in place locally. Staff augmentation is an effective solution to such challenges—it gives you access to a large labour pool to fill on your team and cope with the challenges easily.

Full-Time Hiring

Part-Time Hiring

Hourly Hiring

Specialists in Markup Designs

Hire an Expert You Need to Place in Your Team!

Being a reliable mobile app development company, Markup Designs has a pool of talented and innovative mobile app developers who can perfectly cater to your requirements. They are proficient at their job, equipped with the latest tools and technologies.

Andriod IOS

Web app developers should be professionally disciplined for their projects—hire the one who can seamlessly use their expertise and experience.

PHP CakePHP Laravel Symfony

Get access to a large pool of experienced and innovative CMS developers who can add to your professional endeavour and can help you to attain your organizational goal. They are proficient in Microsoft and open-source technologies to ensure custom CMS development services.

Drupal Joomla WordPress Magento

It is very easy and convenient to fill up your team with talented and skilled professionals at an affordable cost.

Unity Cross Platform

Why Hire From Us?

We have a large pool of dedicated and skilled developers who can deliver in line with your clients’ expectation.

Proficient Professionals

Our candidates are proficient and equipped with the latest tools and technologies.

One Stop Solution

We have a team of full-time in-house developers along with other professionals who can meet up to your requirements. We offer a one-stop solution to help you fulfill your requirements.

Secure Ecosystem

We guarantee complete protection to your intellectual property against any possible breach.

Complete Control on Resources

You will have full control over the developers and other resources as you can seek their daily reporting and can have direct communication with the developers.

Cost Effective

There is no need to endure the pain of handling a team of developers if you can outsource some fantastic professionals for your projects at an affordable cost.


You will have flexible work process and resource management until you are satisfied with the output.

Project Management

There are seamless project management tools in place to help you manage and track your work progress online.

On-Demand Selection Process

We offer custom services to allow you to take complete control on the selection process. You will be hiring only those who duly fit into your requirements.