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With the increasing pace of technology every day, Markup Designs is showing a newer path to everyone. The future is relying on today’s IT innovations made by enterprises. As a top IT outsourcing company, we are handing our clients the wand of futuristic IT solutions.

Markup comes with experience of more than a decade in providing handy, easy to understand & easy to operate IT support services to emerging and thriving-to-succeed businesses. As a trusted partner, our executives will be there with you to help, guide, and succeed.

IT Services We Offer


It Consulting

Markup has always extended its hand to enterprises that desire excellence and provide their customers only the best products & services. Our IT Consultation has helped businesses shine and can do the same for you.

It Consulting

IT Strategy & Planning

Our core competency lies in evaluating your business’s needs and deploying a strategy that helps you use tech with its utmost potential. Markup Designs’ developers make sure your IT infrastructure achieves all your business prospects.

IT Strategy & Planning

IT Outsourcing

As a leading IT Consulting Firm, Markup Designs deliver IT-enabled business processes, app services, and infrastructure solutions, handing prolific business outcomes. The IT executives use advanced technologies so that you get tailored achievements as you require.


IT Support

Whether you have been dealing with a long-term malfunction or a newly occurred one, our skilled engineers can handle such issues easily. We have successfully bolstered the tech ecosystems of various firms troubleshooting their IT problems.

Our Tailored ITSM Solutions

DevOps Management

DevOps Management

Joining hands with us will help you incorporate numerous DevOps practices. Your CI/CD improves, you bring in services like infrastructure as a code, etc.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Use our expertise & get a better knowledge management system that hands your enterprise cloud storage, accessibility, periodic integrations & reporting.

Time-Tracking Management

Time-Tracking Management

If you want real-time monitoring, Markup Designs can put forward the best practices by providing online timesheets, alerts, immediate invoicing, etc.

Incident Management

Incident Management

In modern times, a central repository for log and track is crucial for your business. Get your hands to best of Incident Management systems with us.

Change Management

Change Management

With our expertise in Change Management, you will be able to request, emphasize, legitimize, approve, and execute changes to your IT infrastructure.

Project Management

Project Management

To monitor every aspect of your company’s IT infrastructure, you will need professionals like us for project planning, execution, performance monitoring, & project close.

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Why Choose Markup

Why Choose Markup For IT Services & Solutions?

End-to-End Customer Support

Markup delivers an absolutely functional solution that monitors all the processes from beginning to end. From initial contact to workflow solutions to the final assessment, we provide ethical end-to-end support to all our clients.

Guaranteed Budget-Friendly Solutions

Partnering with Markup Designs, you can rest assured of cost-effective pricing and solutions. Our strategies characterize the tariff of intervention that are relative to the benefit amount you yield.

On-time Service

Over the years, we have proved our trustworthiness and reliability to our clients by handing out eloquent services. The act has helped us be punctual & deliver services on time.

Empower your IT infrastructure by employing the fledged IT outsourcing
services of Markup Designs

A company stands on the will of the IT base. Make it fort for you to achieve all your business objectives.









Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions and their answers for you.

? Is it safe to outsource an IT company?
A It is absolutely safe to use the skilled workers’ expertise of reputed IT Outsourcing Companies. Going through their case studies and clientele will also help you decide.
? Does it cost much to employ the proficiency of an IT support service provider?
A The right price of the project always depends on the depth of the project. Send in your requirements to us and we will get back to your soon.
? How much time will it take to initiate DevOps Management for my enterprise?
A Getting a functional DevOps Management system will depend on the number of trivialities your processes go through. However, our executives will hand you your desired results as soon as possible.
? What does my enterprise receive under IT infrastructure services?
A Consulting Markup for IT infrastructure services you get communication management systems, databases, and other services.
? Can small-scale businesses approach IT support services?
A Yes, without any doubt. Markup Designs offer IT sourcing services to enterprises of every feat. So regardless of your company’s size, you can reach us immediately.
? Do you provide real-time assistance?
A Yes, definitely! Our executives are always all ears to listen to your queries, find the solution, and hand you the way out the soonest your reach us.
? What if we already have in-house IT tech support?
A Markup Designs specializes in providing supplementary support to your internal technical staff too. If you have queries or find a tech tough to handle get to us for assistance.
? How much will it cost to build a sports website?
A It depends on the client's needs and the feature they want in the portal. We offer tailored solutions that include layout design, HTML conversion, framework, integration, testing, and deployment. But, the complete proposal depends on the developer's expertise and SML/GDS/API integration. We will be happy to know about your project requirements and assist you.
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