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Gain Extraordinary Results with Our Precise Tech-Coordination

Ideas can be a lot of fun. Thankfully, we had an idea to put events and exhibition applications in one place!

Our innovative expertise drives us and we believe in your vision. We work hard to produce tech-oriented event solutions for your business. At every event and exhibition, our app will help you better promote your brand. With a well-designed app, thoughtful features, and a team of talented developers, we'll ensure the experience is yours. Trust Markup Designs to plan your virtual, hybrid, or in-person meetings to the best of their ability.

Our Domain

Bring your events to life with superior quality, and affordable graphic designs.

Enterprise Events Solutions

The company has a dynamic team of technology professionals to streamline the event, maintain posts on your website and app, and build your brand image.

Web Conference Apps

Now with virtual reality, we see an increase in our web conference app service. Video offers virtual and web meeting apps for effective communication & collaboration, and multi-device support that simplifies business integration.

Trade Show Web Solutions

The Trade Show Marketing app is great for marketing your business online. Not only can you find new potential customers, but we also offer easy access to all of the data from your exhibitions. This makes it easy to track website visitors, display products and services, and collect leads while at your show.

Scheduled Event Applications

A recurring events app is the perfect way to keep your clients and employees up to date on what's coming in the near future. Our team of developers, testers, and data analysts can create an amazingly functional web app for you that helps schedule events on any platform.

Our Solved Cases

Markup enjoys offering hi-tech solutions to clients to grow value for them.

Add A New Feature To Existing Event App

An old client of ours once reached us to help them add a feature to their existing app. The feature should allow new clients to meet virtually and talk to their online clients. The enthusiastic developers of Markup used the latest tools and delivered as they were asked for.

New Event App With Various Attributes

After the global pandemic was over a new startup company met us and urged for an app that could schedule meetings, send resource documents to employees, and collect the finished jobs for them. We employed the best software to get them what they desired.

Crowd Managing App For New Events

A few months back, Markup was reached by a team of zestful entrepreneurs doing events in their local city who wanted their app to manage the crowd coming to their events, send them to push notifications, and locate the venue easily. All of their requirements were fulfilled when our designers handed them the best fir solution.

Innovative Technologies We Use

We always believe in making our clients satisfied by using the latest tools and trends in the market.

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    Get your hands on our cutting-edge UI/ UX expertise that helps you portray your visually appealing and easy-to-use mobile applications. With a consistent experience, you will connect to more customers.

    • FigmaFigma
    • Adobe XDAdobe XD
    • InvisionInvision
    • Adobe IllustratorAdobe Illustrator
    • ZeplinZeplin
  • Technologies-pic

    Front-End Development

    Make your app for events well functioning with our latest Front- End Development tools. We use Angular, Vue.Js, and various other powerful software that let you have the most interactive apps.

    • MeanMean
    • MernMern
    • React.JsReact.Js
    • AngularAngular
  • Technologies-pic

    Back-End Development

    To make your event and exhibition websites and apps more intuitive, employ our robust Back-End Development service. Get expert solutions in MongoDB, Python, Laravel, and other techs.

    • PHPPHP
    • LaravelLaravel
    • PythonPython
    • SymfonySymfony
    • Node.jsNode.js
    • CodeigniterCodeigniter
    • Cake PHPCake PHP
  • Technologies-pic

    eCommerce & CMS

    With the growing virtual world, even eCommerce apps require a window that lets their clients meet them online for special offers and informative events. Get the expertise for your apps too.

    • WP eCommerceWP eCommerce
    • Woo CommerceWoo Commerce
    • ShopifyShopify
    • DrupalDrupal
    • WordpressWordpress
    • MagentoMagento
  • Technologies-pic

    App Development

    You get lucrative mobile apps and websites showcasing your products and services. We capably frame your ideas into your tech solution and give you the exact thing you desire.

    • iOSiOS
    • AndroidAndroid
    • FlutterFlutter
    • React NativeReact Native
  • Technologies-pic


    Finally, Markup prefers to deliver quality products. Our team of Quality Assurance professionals makes sure you get the most refined product and service you have asked for. We offer value & satisfaction.

    • JMeterJMeter
    • JenkinsJenkins
    • TestNGTestNG

Enjoy The Difference With
Markup Designs

Markup embraces change to steer value. You visualize the speed and scaling of your enterprise with us.

Interactive Procedure

Markup Designs believes in producing value out of the services and products it offers. So the process involved in it blends purpose, innovation, and creativity to design, develop and communicate relevant experiences.

Technology Oriented

Producing tech-savvy products is our core competency. Clients get an innovative solution every time they reach Markup Designs. The result will help you engage more loyal customers.

Path Accelerating

Scaling your business and adding value to it lets you kick start your enterprise process and gain your business goals better. We assist you to increase your pace of development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to the most asked questions

? Is it costly to build an app for my event management company?
A A variable app depends on a few aspects like design, tech used, and the job that has to be performed. Only after thorough research and analysis, one can tell about the cost involved in making an app. For best results, speak to our on-call executives and convey your requirements.
? Can I run my event app solution on iOS and Android gadgets at the same time?
A Definitely! Markup produces intuitive mobile applications that cater to your facilities and services related to events and exhibitions. You can simply reach our executives to tell them what your desire is.
? Do you offer a free quote?
A Once you have reached us with your queries, we will study your requirements, infuse the cost of the process, analysis, and quality tests and let you know accordingly. We do not charge anything to hand you a quote for your proposal.
? If I reach you with my existing event & exhibition app asking you to add new features to it, will you do it?
A Yes! Event and Exhibition apps and websites require frequent changes in it to match the trend and attract more audience. Fortunately, we help our clients do this and offer the ease to run their business swiftly.
? How do my office executives reach you?
A Our professionals are always on-call to reach out and listen to your queries. If we fail to connect there, use our official email id and write to us. There are professionals to answer your questions every time.
? How much time do you require for developing a website for my exhibition company?
A UI/ UX, front-end development, testing and analysis, and other procedures are required to finally get a well-functioning website for any company. Developers at our end do not miss any of such processes. We will let you have an estimate of how much time you will get to your website after considering all these factors.
? Will my event managing enterprise get an after-sale service for the app or website you deliver?
A Yes, of course! We precisely look after your application or website that we deliver to you even after the deal is over. You can get us whenever you need assistance. There is always an executive of ours to listen to your urges and provide you with solutions.
? Can I track the number of the audience attending my event with an app made by you?
A Yes! During the development period, you can ask our developers to add the feature of counting live audiences. They will definitely do it and explain to you the process of using it. At times you find difficulty, reach our customer service experts waiting for you.

If you want to choose the most affordable and top-notch mobile app & web development services, then we're just a call away.