Cookie Policy

The below-inscribed information tells how Markup Designs Pvt. Ltd. (“we”) use cookies and other equivalent technologies on the website when a user visits the site.

One should note that this policy will be updated from time to time in accordance with the company’s rules and regulations amendment.

We deliberately place cookies and equivalent technologies on a user’s gadgets or devices with all the preferences chosen by the user. As per their cookie settings in their mobile device or personal computers, the following info will be gathered. It will contain the user’s unique device identifier, IP address of the device, info reelected to the Operating System of the device, and the geographical location of the user as per applicable law.

What Cookies Are?

Cookies are basically text files that have a bit of information in them. They are downloaded by the user’s system when they visit a website site and recognize the device again. The cookies that are managed by Markup Designs are the “first party cookies” and those from the third parties are called the” third party cookies”. One can easily get information about third parties using the Cookie Preference icons on the sites.

For How Much Time, Do Cookies Stay In Someone’s Device?

Most cookies stay in the devices of a user for a temporary period depending on their types. The first type is a Session cookie that is temporary and remains in your computer system until your browser is open. They get automatically deleted as soon as the browser closes. The second type, Persistent cookies stay in a user’s device until they expire or the user deletes them intentionally. Our site uses both types of cookies.

Why Markup Uses A Tracking Technology?

We require these tracking techs to enable the site to operate and enhance the user experience. In certain circumstances, these cookies help us recognize the users while they visit our sites, remember choices, and hand the user a fine-tuned personalized experience. The whole process makes the interaction between the user and our site faster, way more secure, and even enables social media interaction. The tech is also used to facilitate the delivery of advertising more relevant to the user’s preferences. The officials at our end get time-to-time reports about how people are navigating our sites.

How As A User You Can Deny Our Cookies?

The process is pretty simple. The user has to adjust their cookie settings using their browser settings or the cookie consent manager of the site. One can remove the existing cookies from the devices too by using the browser options. In case, if you wish to block the cookies in the future, you can do that by employing the settings of the browser or the consent manager of the sites.

However, blocking or deleting cookies will impact your user experience for sure.

Types Of Cookies Used By The Website

Here is the list of cookies employed by Markup Designs Pvt. Ltd. on its website.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These are one of the most essential cookies that enable a user to navigate the site well and use the given features. They will allow you to access the secured areas of the site. These tracking techs help the user get all the services from us on-site.

First-Party Analytical Cookies

To run a website in its best condition, first-party analytical cookies help the most. They use data analysis to measure and improve the performance of the website and cater to more relevant content for the user. Interestingly, these cookies do not gather info that recognizes a user and their individual level and even if it is available. The personally identifiable information is also skipped by these cookies to any third party other than some of the limited cases. In such cases, we may employ some external third party as a service provider who acts on our behalf. But they do not use any of the data available for separate uses.

Performance Cookies

These are generally third-party cookies from the vendors who work with us or work on our behalf gathering information about a user’s visit and use of the website of Markup Designs. For example, they will keep a record of which pages are mostly visited by a user and if they get any error message on the page or not. Performance cookies do collect any info that helps in recognizing a user. All the details that are collected by these cookies are anonymous and are used only to know the process of making the user experience better. The third-party vendors will have access to this info in cases of improving entire services and/ or offerings.

Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies allow a website to remember the choices made by the users which include their username, language, and demography, providing far better-enhanced features.

Functionality cookies cannot track your activity on the browser while a user is using some other websites too. No information about the user is collected for the purpose of advertising or keeping a track of the Internet used out of our site.

  • Advertising & Social Media Cookies
  • These cookies include beacons and other tracking techs for the following:
  • Catering to relevant advertisements that suit the user’s interest
  • Restrict the number of times a user confronts the same advertisement
  • Help in measuring the effectiveness of an advertisement
  • Retargeting Markup’s websites

Acknowledge users’ behavior after they come across an advertisement.

These cookies are generally placed representing the advertising networks with our permission. The tech just remembers that a certain user has visited the site earlier and using it again as they are linked to the site functionality provided by some other organization. Hence that will impact the content and message seen by the user on some other websites they are browsing.

As a user, if you have any queries during your visit, we request you to get in touch with us through the Talk To Us link.

Adjust your cookie settings using your browser settings for ease.


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