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We have a strong commitment to employees' wellness & professional advancement. Join us & move forward in your career.

Why Work With Markup Designs

As a company, we believe in nurturing and building up talent rather than buying it. Since 2012, we have been working hard to build talents and build businesses. It is our passion to work with like-minded individuals to offer the highest quality services.

Markup offers equal benefits and opportunities for every qualified professional. Here is a quick overview of the employee benefits of working at Markup Designs.

Your Career at  Markup Designs
Your Career at
Markup Designs
Employee Wellness

A team is as fit as its members. Markup maintains a healthy, sanitized, and mind-provoking surrounding. We keep a record of every employee's mental and physical well-being. Meditation, yoga, sports, etc., are well promoted among the team.

Work-Life Balance

Markup designs experiences to innovate lives. We provide you with an entire weekend to ease off your nerves and spend quality time with your dear ones. Our frequent office chills rejuvenate the tiring minds to refocus and re-succeed.

Business Travel Opportunities

Travelling sets you free! We encourage our employees to feature ahead and travel to promote our business and policies. Markup headquarters in the USA, and has development centers in India and UK. We help dedicated minds to progress.

What Make us the Best Place to Work at

Become a part of our culture by joining our talented team. Our worldwide presence provides you with countless possibilities to learn, advance, and have an impact. We foster a culture of trust & offer a welcoming environment with a healthy work-life balance.
We celebrate achievements, prioritize employee well-being, unify the workplace, and increase employee engagement through recognition & appreciation. We believe in adding value to employees' successes and inspiring them to keep getting better.
We prioritize cultivating a culture that encourages diversity because we recognize the benefits of a diverse workforce. Markup Designs give its employees the freedom to create, define & nurture all sorts of roles and expand their expertise.
Our Interview Process

Any candidate's selection is solely based on how well they do in the interview. The interview process at our organization has four steps, which are as follows:

01 HR Interview
02 Personal Interview
03 Technical Round
04 Final Round

We are United to Succeed Globally

Backend Developer
Open Position: 10
Experience: 1-3 Year
Location: Noida
DevOps Engineer
Open Position: 10
Experience: 1-3 Year
Location: Noida

Why you should join the Markup Team?

We have the resources to provide training, skill development, and career assistance to our employees. Markup Designs provide financial security over the long term & an environment that promotes positive working relationships.


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