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Why Is React Native Becoming A Leader In The Mobile App Development Industry?

Why Is React Native Becoming A Leader In The Mobile App Development Industry?

React Native-based apps have gained positive ground in the last few years among the people using technology. Since then, it has given tough challenges to other cross-platform app development technologies.

People have started to see the potential that a React Native app offers. Many people nowadays are choosing this framework over others not only because it provides faster development but because of the features that it can provide you. This blog post will show you the exciting features of React Native applications that make them stand apart from others. So let’s get into it.

What is React Native? 

React Native is an open-source framework utilizing best-in-class JavaScript to create native apps for mobile devices. The production of applications has become faster with its support. Cross-platform programs reduce development costs, save time and resources. 

Tech giant, Facebook, has successfully decrypted the benefits of React Native. Further, companies like Pinterest, Skype, Uber Eats, Bloomberg, and others are actively preparing to produce cross-platform apps. But why is it so? Let us gather more information about this technology and learn more about some features that make a React Native application great.

Reusability of Codes

Android and iOS are the two most used operating systems (OS) used by mobile users worldwide. More than ninety percent of mobile device users use these OS daily. If a mobile app development company writes separate programs for separate platforms, it will cost them revenue and time. 

React Native uses the JavaScript library, enabling developers to reuse a single codebase for the operating systems. It increases efficiency, brings super quick developmental results, and minimizes cost. Open-source libraries also help the apps speed up the performance and UI.

Native Experience

Developers feel happy when they can pull a project faster. The efficiency of React Native helps them draw faster interfaces, increase the app’s agility, and develop a legitimate native experience for the app. The technology is compliant with native software that seamlessly integrates the existing code. As a developer, you can even add quick extensions to existing native applications if you want. 

Third-Party Plugin

Technology evolves every day. The same is with React Native, as a few numbers of business-specific components are still missing while you use React Native for app development. But the best part is that React Native allows you to utilize two third-party plugins, namely, JavaScript modules and native modules. For instance, you can integrate Google Maps with your app due to this aspect. You can connect any plugin using a native or third-party module applying the features of React Native.

Live & Hot Reloading

Live & hot reloading functions help developers employ code changes in real-time and make fixes while the app is loading. After the changes are made, you can readily reload the entire app. In case of hot reloading, it helps you reload a specific area you want to change. So, now you have an easy development and testing process. 

The result is faster, more efficient, and better intuitive application development. 

Uncomplicated UI

React Native user interfaces are more responsive, as they take less time to load and provide a lighter feel. The architecture of this technology looks more like a JavaScript library than a framework. So it becomes flawless employing React Native to construct a series of events when you are developing a mobile app. 

Community Support

The future is community-driven. When developers effortlessly acquire advice, hints, etc., from community experts, they can produce more considerable consequences. Among the entire cross platforms, React Native has the most significant community. You have community experts and libraries to find relevant info to develop a React Native-based app. 

As discussed earlier, the technology is an open-source framework, and data relating to development is accessible to everyone for free. The sources are even available on the internet. You can even get reviews and collaborate with other developers to build a structured React Native-based app. 

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