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What To Know About The New Structured Data Report For Breadcrumbs?

What To Know About The New Structured Data Report For Breadcrumbs?

Google Search Console recently added a new structured data report for Breadcrumbs. Now, the website owners can easily check whether the breadcrumb markup is implemented correctly or not. Page wise report is also shown clarifying the details about the implementation of breadcrumb on different web pages.

What Is Breadcrumb Navigation?

On the latest version of Google Webmaster Tools, a new feature called Announcement has been added. Under Announcement, when you click over Breadcrumbs, you’ll find the status of all the URLs in which breadcrumb markup incorrectly added. All information about the structured data is shown in the report that you can examine to know the accurate things. Similar to structured data reports, this feature shows the sets of structured breadcrumbs that are incorrectly implemented. If Search Consoles shows errors, you can fix them manually. Required codes need to be added on the site to remove the error message.

Importance of Valid Breadcrumb Structured Data Markup

Breadcrumb markup is used to in web pages to categorize their information. This helps search results become more relevant. Google displays the breadcrumbs significantly in search results ensuring that the markup is valid.

Earlier Google used to show full URLs in the search snippets, but now it shows breadcrumb. The invalid markup could lead to the breadcrumb of the webpage to create specific search results. So, the invalid markup could lead to the breadcrumb of the page not displaying the relevant search results. The invalid markup can implement using Microdata, RDFa or JSON-LD. It can also be included as a part of the visual design of a web page using HTML.

Type of Breadcrumbs

Location-Based Breadcrumbs – They are also called as hierarchy-based breadcrumbs, which are the most common type of breadcrumbs. For better navigation, they are used to represent the structure of the web page. They are convenient to show the structure of the site to viewers.

Attribute-Based Breadcrumbs – They help visitors to find a fresh approach to show the attributes which are selected by the users previously. The functioning of the breadcrumbs works well as per their type. It commonly appears like “Page> Type> Color> Size > Shape”.

Path-Based or History-Based Breadcrumbs – They give the path that the visitors have followed to visit the webpage. It commonly appears like “Home > Previous page > Previous page > Current page”.

The insertion of a new structured data report for breadcrumbs on Google Console has made it easier for site owners to generalize the web pages and rectify the errors quickly.


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