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What Is Cloud Computing and How It Works?

What Is Cloud Computing and How It Works?

Cloud computing is a common term for anything which involves delivering the hosted services on the internet. Such services are usually divided into three categories such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). The cloud computing named is inspired by the cloud shown the diagrams and flowcharts.

Cloud computing shares information, software and resources through a network. The data and information are stored on virtual or physical services maintained by the cloud computing service providers like Amazon. A user can access information on the cloud using a speedy internet connection.

Renowned Cloud Computing Services

Evolution can be seen in the way we save, store and across data. There is no need to save your data on devices like hard drive, CD, USB flash drive, etc. Instead, everything is stored online on the cloud, which can save your time and money. The cloud technology has overtaken the market rapidly and now people have become familiar habitual of saving their data on the cloud.

Several cloud computing companies provide free storage service. But, they have a limit to save data online and thereafter, you have to take their paid subscription. Some popular cloud computing service providers include Backblaze, Box.com and Dropbox.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

With the help of the internet service, users can upload, download and store their data on the cloud. Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop and other smart devices can be used for this process. Cloud storage users can also edit their documents online and save whenever they are done with editing. The information available on the cloud could be accessed anywhere, anywhere from an internet-connected device.

Depending on your specific needs, prices may vary from cloud computing services. It is possible to assign rights of viewer, editor and others in the cloud computing data. An administrator has all the rights to assign them to their users. For this, you need to create a special package from the cloud computing service provider. The price also varies as per the storage size, bandwidth and other factors.

How Does Cloud Computing Is Managed?

A server manages the entire cloud system and ensures to keep a track of traffic and demand of the data run on the system. It follows a set of rules to use specific kinds of software and services. So, ensure to go through the details first mentioned by the cloud computing service providers and then think to work anyone of them.


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