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What Digital Experts should know About Changes to No Follow Link?

What Digital Experts should know About Changes to No Follow Link?

Recently, Google has evolved the no follow link attribute and came with the two new links attributes. It was taken in place so that Google can understand the nature of links easily.

With the rel=nofollow link attribute, the following links are going to be added.

rel=“sponsored”: It determines the links on the site that were created with the motive of advertising, sponsorship, etc. 

rel=“ugc”: It supports to find the links that are inserted within the content, like on the comments and the forum posts.

Even after the introduction of these two links, the nofollow link will still be operated as the same.

Let’s discuss the crucial points to keep in mind for the digital experts!

Here the following points are helpful to continue the digital process:

Importance of link attributes:

Flagging ads and using the sponsored links is vital to avoid the links scheme penalties of Google. These two links must be used correctly to avoid the negative results for the site, but still, the use of no-follow link attribute is taken into account. Google prefers the use of sponsored and ugc, but still, the nofollow is valuable. Keep using the old link, but also consider the new ones to avoid penalties on your site.

No changes in the existing attributes:

There are no changes in the use of existing link attributes. Search engine optimization experts and the site owners do not need to be concerned about the use of the previous links. The ads and sponsored links will be treated as hints, but the nofollow is still operated the same as before. Make sure that you are updating yourself and still using your skill to get better results for your site.

Application of changes:

The changes have taken effect from 10th September 2019, and no changes are going to come before March 2019. Experts are recommended to sue the nofollow as they were using, but consider one of the two links from sponsored and ugc.

The correct use of attributes:

A single link is acceptable with two different attributes. For instance, a single in the user-generated content can be taken into account with two attributes. Google mentions that there is nothing wrong with the use of attributes other than the sponsored links. In case the link is selected as sponsored and not involving in any ad or sponsorship, then the effect will be reduced.

The above things will help the experts to continue the digital processes without any obstacles.

Learn the use of the attributes on the links carefully, and then apply to maintain your website or project.

A link that is related to ad or sponsorship should add the “nofollow or sponsored”.


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