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Top 7 Email Marketing Trends To Generate Better Results

Top 7 Email Marketing Trends To Generate Better Results

If you are a part of the email marketing profession or even availing such service, it is better to know what new is happening in its arena. Its top trends have a lot to teach you and enable you to use the best tactics for the most expect outcomes. In email marketing, thousands of emails are sent every day with a few responses. This needs to be changed and make this type of marketing activity more interesting and engaging for readers so that they show more interest in contacting the email sender.

Here Are Email Marketing Trends That You Can Follow

  1. Responsive Email Design – Around 53% of emails are accessible on mobile phones. If you send a responsive email design, it would be easily accessible on different screen sizes. People will read the content without any problem and this tactic can help you generate more response. Even you can expect to receive potential customers and clients from them.
  2. Email Interactivity – The communication can establish properly only when the two individuals communicate with each other. When you send emails like you are communicating with the readers, they’ll also understand the mentioned content and able to respond to you optimistically.
  3. Email Automation – To make your email marketing campaigns more effective, it better to use advanced tools like email automation. It is considered the automated emails are accessed 70.5% more and their click-through rate is 152% higher. With the help of the modern tool, it is possible to generate more and effective response.
  4. AI and Machine Learning – Advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, machine learning, blockchain and others have given the potential to marketers to use them for effectively. These technologies can be used in email marketing as well. But, these are costly and every business can’t afford it for promotion. The future is such technologies and more companies are adopting them for their email marketing campaigns.
  5. Visual Content – Many people are not fond of reading content and prefer watching videos to get the information. Visual content in email marketing like videos can surely improve ROI and allow you to receive the maximum benefit. Boost engagement using visual content in email marketing campaigns and establish better business results.
  6. Real-Time Contextual Emails – The trend of contextual emails has become popular as they serve the purpose whenever required.
  7. Lesser Content For Better Engagement – When the content is less, it becomes easier for the reader to interpret it and start the conversation.

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