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Making Privacy Control More Easily Accessible: Sundar Pichai

Making Privacy Control More Easily Accessible: Sundar Pichai

Technology Companies are facing challenges in saving the user’s information due to the increased surveys of the regulating authorities. Last week, Google faced criticism for sharing the users viewing habits on the browser even when they are on incognito mode.

The Company said that it would fix the loophole, which permits websites to get the browsing history of the individuals.

CEO of the Company, Sundar Pichai said that Google is working for making the privacy control more easily accessible by extending the incognito mode to maps and adding new auto delete controls.

Sundar Pichai met with analysts when Alphabet, the parent company of Google reported 38.9 billion dollars for the second quarter in the year 2019. He said in the meeting, “And we continue to challenge the notion that products need more data to be more helpful”

He said, “For example, we invented a new technique called federated learning that allows us to train AI models and make products smarter without raw data leaving your device.”

Sundar Pichai said, “As we continue to invest in the platform, the responsibility remains our top priority”Google is also working on the development of the technology for the coming online users in places like India, Indonesia, and Brazil. The CEO thanked AI (ArtificialIntelligence) that helped them to bring advancements to the Google assistant.

The future Google Assistant will be able to deal with the requests ten times faster than the current. Other than this, it will be multi-tasking, compose emails, and will work even with the offline mode. There will be a Duplex Feature, which will help to book the rental vehicles and buy the movie tickets.


Google is continuously investing in bringing more advancement to technology. Due to the concern for user’s privacy and the priority for responsibility, it is going to make the priority make more accessible. After the Chrome exits the entry to the loophole that lets the regulators sneak into the individuals browsing the history, the privacy will not be tempered. With the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, the Assistant is going to be multi-tasking, and the convenience of the users will be at an extreme.


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