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Increased Competition on Local Business Profiles with Google’s Competitor Ads Addition

Increased Competition on Local Business Profiles with Google’s Competitor Ads Addition

Running Google My Business was helpful to get the traffic on the site and detail them the services you offer. The recent addition of Google on its page has increased the competition on your business profile. Google has started showing details of your rivals in the business profile page. Due to such conditions, the traffic of the site may be distracted.

Let’s know the changes that are going to increase the online business challenges:

Local campaigns placement:

Prior, business persons used to run local business profiles without any obstacles. They had to list their business on Google. The users who came on the profile couldn’t find ads of the competitors on the site. Now, Google is placing the ads of the competitors on the local page of the service provider. The addition might distract the consumer from your business profile to others.

Payment is not acceptable to remove the ads:

The payment for removing the ads is not acceptable by Google.  Many users might be disappointed because they cannot pay for removing the ads of their competitors. It might be hurtful, but the rule is genuine.

The decision of not accepting the payments is for removing the ads is genuine because if the search giant will get paid for such things, then the act can be considered as extortion. Moreover, business persons can face challenges in operating the business.


With the addition of the latest practice of Google, the promotion of the business has become quite complicated.

Read the suggestions mentioned below can be helpful for retaining the customers:

1. You need to make your business profile more compelling and creative.

2. Mention the benefits of choosing your business.

3. Lucrative or alluring information on the profile.

4. Mention the latest deals and discount offers.

5. Learn the trending tactics to maintain the business profile.


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