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Five Surprising Benefits Of Flutter App Development

Five Surprising Benefits Of Flutter App Development

Mobile phones have become the essential and daily commodities of human lives. It seems no one can imagine life without it, and the fact is, it is true! Mobile apps in smartphones have made life easier. Now, one can readily call a doctor, book a seat in the theater, order a meal for the family, and do many more in just minutes, without even moving an inch from their places.

Cross-platform mobile development applications are well-suited software applications running on multiple mobile operating systems. The hybrid mobile app development enables a developer to build a single mobile solution that works on all operating systems and platforms, like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. For instance, Windows universal apps have one codebase for all Windows devices, like Windows PC, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, and Xbox. 

Developers need an open-source software developmental kit, like Flutter, that enables smooth and easy cross-platform mobile app development. It will help them quickly build rich quality native compiled applications for iOS and Android. 

What is Flutter?

A portable UI package of tools that can build native apps across mobile, web, and desktop is the need of the hour. Flutter app development helps you use a single codebase for multiple mobile and web platforms. It incorporates Material Design and Cupertino widgets using Dart programming language. The single codebase for different platforms does not hinder the app’s performance. You can originate spectacular native-looking and native feeling UI as a flutter developer.

Application of Flutter Apps

Writing different codebases for different platforms wastes time, energy, and revenue. Flutter is the best solution to develop apps for the most used mobile phone operating systems, Android and iOS, that compiles apps for the respective platform before publication and function native and authentic on every Apple and Android device. Creating web apps for browsers and native programs for Windows, Linux, and MacOS becomes easy using the same codebase. Moreover, you do not need a runtime module or browser. 

Tech giants like Google use Flutter for numerous modules of the Google Assistant and the Google Home Hub user interface. eBay, Groupon, and Alibaba Group are other humongous companies incorporating the service of Flutter App Developments and producing a uniform look to their web apps.

As a competitor, Flutter has several advantages. Efficient developers incorporate these advantages in the programming language and developmental tools to solve issues. As a fact, other app developing languages cannot solve such problems. Here are some benefits a company gains when they use Flutter for app development.  

Single Codebase

Developers had to work harder to write separate codebases for individual mobile or web platforms in the past. But now, the world is running on the agenda of “reuse.” The same happens when you employ Flutter for app development. Flutter uses code reusability. It allows the developer to write just one codebase for Android, iOS, web, desktop, etc. As a result, you save developmental time, futile costs and launch your app much faster. 

The Flutter Widgets 

Object-oriented programming is easy with Flutter as it uses a widget-based technology. You can customize these widgets that meet the critical web development design requirements. The application creates eye-catching visuals for the users of your app. The worry about UI on separate devices is gone at the same time. 

Hot Reload

Developers can observe real-time applied changes and save time using Flutter’s hot reload feature. They can work with more efficiency and productivity as the desirable reload feature. It works way better than its competitors with similar sort of features. Functionally, it enables the developer to:

  • Pause code execution
  • Make changes to the code
  • Continue the code from the same place

Consequently, you start experimenting more and speed up development. 

Custom Designing

The open-source and high-performance graphics mechanism of Flutter is incorporated by popular apps like Adobe, Chrome, and Amazon Kindle. Flutter allows users to enjoy magnificent looks for their Android and iOS devices simultaneously that use developed applications and custom designs. Flutter-based applications do not experience UI failures when you update the software. 

Potential UI Customization

Flutter-based apps help you make everything tailor-made you see on the screen. You do not feel any complexity when you can customize an element according to your will. It fundamentally minimizes the efforts of developing native platforms’ development software. 

It doesn’t matter what OS the user is using. Flutter shares the same business logic and UI for Android and iOS devices, achieving a flawless experience. The brands with unique and outstanding corporate styles give importance to this feature predominantly.  

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