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Facebook to Hide Like Counts to Enhance User Experience

Facebook to Hide Like Counts to Enhance User Experience

With the increasing popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others, sharing one’s ideas, videos, or getting comments and reviews of clients has never been easier. It has been found that many people feel jealous by seeing the massive number of likes their friends or relatives have got on a post. They shun expressing themselves or sharing useful thoughts only because of the fear that their social media posts will not garner such huge attention or massive likes as their peers. They begin to center their thoughts or expressions around the number of likes and not on the quality or utility of their thoughts and expression.

Facebook has recently decided to hide like counts on posts of its users that would still be visible to the author but not to other users or everyone else.

Here is a checklist of goals that compelled Facebook to roll out such a plan country-wise.

1. Enhance Users’ Experience  

Facebook wants people to feel comfortable while expressing them. Users need to focus on the quality of their posts and how the posts connect them with their other friends, relatives, acquaintances, or other citizens of their states. People may be inclined to share their posts without feelings of fear, embarrassment, or jealousy.   

2. Users can make a judgment without the influence of others

Removal or hiding of the number of likes is likely to reduce the herd mentality and allow users to decide about the quality and importance of the post on their own opinion or merit rather than coinciding with the others who have already liked and commented on the post.

3. Likely to counter the adverse effects on mental health

Many people consider themselves to be insignificant by seeking the huge number of likes that their friend’s profile picture or any post related to a social function or life event has garnered. Hiding the actual number of likes from the post will at least counter this negative effect thereby keeping its platform enjoyable for users. 

However, some specific concerns need to be addressed for the successful rollout of this change to everyone.

One concern is that the Facebook Pages of some influencers who have large following and likes than the individual’s post will witness reduced engagement and reach by the followers that mostly attributed to the herd mentality. However, this needs to be checked as there is no conclusive data gained yet on this.

Facebook, to remain a highly popular social networking site, needs to bring about these changes that will enhance its usability and popularity. For this, it needs to rise above brands, user-engagement, and above ad dollars. It required better controls for notifications and warnings when you’ve been passively scrolling for too long.

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