About Us

We at Markup Designs Pvt Ltd are one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in India. With our significant business growth in Delhi NCR and all over the country, we are moving beyond the borders. We have a large number of satisfied clients and their satisfaction has boosted our confidence. Now we are all set to hit overseas markets with our services. We are all set to launch our offices in Dubai and USA. We have strengthened ourselves to offer our growth oriented services to global clients.

We are known for the followings (but not limited to):

- Impressive & Creative Designs
- Successful Online Campaigns
- Effective SEO Solutions
- Web Development

And the list continues…

We provide noteworthy results to scale up the growth chart of our clients. We have a team of experts who, before taking any action, deeply analysis the pros and cons of internet marketing methods to the diverse sectors. After understanding the scenario completely, we move ahead with required steps to work on any project. We understand the importance of time. We are well equipped with all the necessary tools and techniques which are required to work under pressure. With our services, we know how to dominate the digital space.

Chronology of Our Success Story

Everyone who achieves success, takes countless steps before reaching to the target. We too have taken several steps and the best part is our steps were the milestones which represent our success story. Let's have a look:

- In 2012, we took initial stepping stones. We had only 5 SEO employees at that time, but with dedication and firm determination, we created success stories.

- We hired one team of web designers and number of employees reached 20. With our capabilities and confidence, we became a successful online marketing company.

- We extended our services to PPC and SMO in 2014. And our team size was 35. We grew up and established ourselves as a reputed organization in the market.

- In 2016, our family got new members and the team size become 65. With the collective work of our team and motivation towards achieving the best, we got some of the top brands to work for and delivered them the desired results.

- We experienced quality growth in our system and we increased our sales team in 2017.

- In 2018, we shifted to our new office in Sector 63, Noida with new hopes and new energy.

- By the mid of 2018, we are all set to launch our new offices in Dubai and USA.


Our Behavior Towards project

Our Behavior

Create out-of-the box solutions that inspire business growth and generate ROI


Our primary Mission is to innovate, prepare and provide adaptable, user-friendly, profitable and all-inclusive digital marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes, in every corner of the world.

Our strengths

Quality Deliverables

We believe Quality is must that what we deliver

Customer Oriented Approach

We are what we are today because of our dedicated services that our clients appreciate

Our strengths


Our Clients are better known us for our expertise

Honesty and Transparency

Our main aim is to provide complete transparency to our clients with honest support

Our Weapons

Our Weapons